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Middle East beginning to embrace solar energy (w/video)

With its vast deserts and long stretches of sunny days, the Middle East would seem to be an ideal place to harness solar energy. But until now, the region has largely shunned solar because it has cost about three times more than heavily-subsidized fossil fuels.

Posted: Dec 6th, 2012

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Garage Technology Ventures launches Cleantech Investment Program

The partnership is initially focused on technologies of strategic interest to corporate partners in the areas of materials science, energy technologies, advanced chemistry, and clean technologies. As the program expands, the scope will include software, IT, communications, mobile, and other sectors.

Posted: Dec 4th, 2012

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Symposium "Limits to Growth" draws up a blueprint for sustainable development

Every eighth human being suffers either from undernourishment or starvation, and 12.5% of the world's population has no access to clean drinking water - just two background facts in focus on the second day of the anniversary symposium entitled "40 Years Limits to Growth", where scholars are debating ways out of the scarce-resource dilemma.

Posted: Dec 4th, 2012

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Record high for global carbon emissions

Global carbon dioxide emissions are set to rise again in 2012, reaching a record high of 35.6 billion tonnes - according to new figures from the Global Carbon Project.

Posted: Dec 2nd, 2012

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