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In search of longer-lasting energy

Seventeen partners from eight European countries work on ORION (Ordered inorganic-organic hybrids using ionic liquids for Emerging applications), funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU. Coordinated by CIDETEC (Centre for Electrochemical Technologies) in the Basque Country, the project aims to explore possible combinations of organic and inorganic materials designed to provide better photovoltaic solar panels and batteries that store energy more efficiently.

Posted: Jul 11th, 2011

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Light propagation controlled in photonic chips - major breakthrough in telecommunications field

Researchers at Columbia Engineering School have built optical nanostructures that enable them to engineer the index of refraction and fully control light dispersion. They have shown that it is possible for light (electromagnetic waves) to propagate from point A to point B without accumulating any phase, spreading through the artificial medium as if the medium is completely missing in space. This is the first time simultaneous phase and zero-index observations have been made on the chip-scale and at the infrared wavelength.

Posted: Jul 10th, 2011

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A nanotechnology solution controlling the path of light can brighten up our lives

Scientists are increasing the intensity of light by making nanometer scale patterns on surfaces. The nanoimprinting method will change devices' optical properties, without making them demand more energy. Except for brighter mobile phone and computer screens, we may soon have the possibility to benefit from this nanotechnology solution while driving.

Posted: Jul 7th, 2011

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Helmholtz funds new spin-offs

The Helmholtz Association is currently supporting five spin-off projects through its Helmholtz Enterprise programme, awarding each with 100,000 euros from the Initiative and Networking Fund.

Posted: Jul 7th, 2011

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