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New tools catch and release molecules at the flip of a light switch

Researchers developed a class of light-switchable, highly adaptable molecular tools with new capabilities to control cellular activities. The antibody-like proteins, called OptoBinders, allow researchers to rapidly control processes inside and outside of cells by directing their localization, with potential applications including protein purification, the improved production of biofuels, and new types of targeted cancer therapies.

Aug 13th, 2020

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Hydrogel paves way for better bio-implant

A team of biomedical engineers has developed a plasma technology to robustly attach hydrogels to polymeric materials, allowing manufactured devices to better interact with surrounding tissue.

Aug 4th, 2020

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Spider silk made by photosynthetic bacteria

Scientists report that they succeeded in producing the spider silk using photosynthetic bacteria. This study could open a new era in which photosynthetic bio-factories stably output the bulk of spider silk.

Jul 6th, 2020

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Evergreen idea turns biomass DNA into degradable materials

Scientists are turning DNA from organic matter - such as onions, fish and algae - into biodegradable gels and plastics. The resulting materials could be used to create everyday plastic objects, unusually strong adhesives, multifunctional composites and more effective methods for drug delivery, without harming the environment the way petrochemical-based materials do.

Jun 19th, 2020

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