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How the eardrum of a locust could lead to tiny microphones

Being able to hear the smallest of noises is a matter of life or death for many insects, but for the scientists studying their hearing systems understanding how insect ears can be so sensitive could lead to new microphones able to capture and analyse extremely faint sounds.

Mar 30th, 2006

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Quantum dot method rapidly identifies bacteria

A rapid method for detecting and identifying very small numbers of diverse bacteria, from anthrax to E. coli, has been developed by scientists from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Mar 30th, 2006

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Rapid nano molding

Researchers are using a new all-purpose nano synthesis method to design cancer-fighting nanoparticles.

Mar 29th, 2006

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Computer model maps strengths, weaknesses of nanotubes

In theory, carbon nanotubes are 100 times stronger than steel, but in practice, scientists have struggled make nanotubes that live up to those predictions, in part, because there are still many unanswered questions about how nanotubes break and under what conditions.

Mar 27th, 2006

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