Tunisian nanosciences and nanotechnologies days
Posted: April 10, 2009

Tunisian nanosciences and nanotechnologies days

(Nanowerk News) A study day attended by several Tunisian and foreign experts in nanotechnologies was organized on Thursday in Tunis. The study day which was held at the National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technologies of Tunis (INSAT), laid the groundwork for the second edition of the Tunisian nanosciences and nanotechnologies Days due to be held in Tunis in July 2009. The event was held at the behest of the National Consultative Council of Scientific Research and Technologies in collaboration with the Borj Cedria and Sousse technological parks and a number of Tunisian associations working in the sector.
The second edition of the nanosciences and nanotechnologies Days program will comprise on the consequences on the application of this technology with suggestions and recommendations for peoples’ health and the environment, notably in light of its use in the armament industry.
Nanotechnology, a new science launched two decades ago, opens important perspectives in all sectors even if “These applications don’t exceed one hundred throughout the world”, in the words of the President of the Tunisian theoretical chemistry association, Mr. Bahoueddine Tangour.
Mr Tangour also said that “Tunisia which is endowed with scientific competences, is capable today of developing applications in this technology, as well as mastering innovations in this new field of study.” Recently, an association dubbed, the Tunisian association of nanotechnology was set up in Tunis. The association which gathers a number of Tunisian academics and experts, will soon announce its program of action.
Source: Tunisia Online News
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