Posted: April 15, 2009

Chinese Academy of Sciences makes scientific facilities available to companies for free

(Nanowerk News) The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) launched a website (in Mandarin) on April 10 to help enterprises use its large-scale scientific facilities for free.
CAS will make 1000 general instruments and equipments available to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in an effort to help them develop new technology to survive the financial crisis.
The academy will also provide free analysis service for a year or so to help SMEs tackle technological bottlenecks in the industrial structure upgrading and enhancing their capacity for independent innovation.
CAS has set up a complete system of R&D facilities in the past few decades. It owns nearly 3000 research equipments by the end of 2007, and 1000 of them are general instruments and equipments, noted Bai Chunxi, vice president of CAS.
These facilities can not only facilitate scientific research, but also remain important tools for quality testing, product analysis and technological breakthroughs. CAS boasts a highly competent expertise team who can provide solutions to the enterprises.
The website is built to serve the needs of businesses. It has the most-updated information of CAS' general instruments and equipments. Enterprises could easily find info of the facilities scattered around China and whether they are available for use. The website also allows users to make preservation online and make inquiries to CAS experts.
Some 1020 large-scale facilities owned by 46 institutes were presented at the website by the end of March and more will be added by the end of May. Ultimately there will be nearly 15,000 items available to the enterprises.
Source: CAS
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