Posted: April 15, 2009

Malvern specialist examines rheology and particle parameter connections for coatings

(Nanowerk News) Dr Adrian Hill, rheology product technical specialist at Malvern Instruments, will discuss the importance of understanding the links between rheology and particle parameters when he speaks at the forthcoming PRA Measurement & Testing of Coatings Conference (12-13 May, Birmingham, UK).
His presentation will examine how the rheology of a suspension is influenced by particle size, particle size distribution and the volume fraction of solids present, and the way in which zeta potential, a measure of the electrostatic interaction between particles also has a marked effect.
Armed with this understanding, it is possible to manipulate specific variables in order to produce coatings materials with the required rheological properties for robust and optimized application performance. Examples from the coatings industry will illustrate the practical benefits of both rheological measurements and particle characterization.
Modern rheometers, such as the Malvern Kinexus, and today’s automated particle characterization systems provide easy access to the relevant data, enabling the fine-tuning of paint and coatings suspensions to meet the required product specifications.
Source: Malvern Instruments
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