Posted: June 15, 2009

China launches Science and Technology Road Map to 2050

(Nanowerk News) The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) launched its series report "Technological Revolution and China's Future-Innovation 2050" on June 10, 2009 in Beijing. The report produced a road map for China's science and technology development till 2050.
It took more than 300 CAS researchers and experts over a year to compile and draft the report. According to the report, a new technological and industrial revolution featured by green energy, artificial intelligence and sustainable development is most likely to take place in the next 10 to 20 years. China must prepare itself for the new revolution in order to build a well-off society and realize China's modernization.
8 social economic systems backed up by science and technology innovation are to be constructed: sustainable energy and resources system, new material and green manufacture system, information networking system, ecological higher value agriculture and bio-industry system, health insurance system, ecology and environment preservation and development system, space and ocean system, national and public security system.
The report also points out 22 strategic technology issues that are keys to China's modernization. That include: green manufacture of high quality elementary raw materials, 4000 meters below the earth's surface exploration project, new nuclear energy system, sea power extension plan, exploration of dark matter and dark energy, artificial life and Synthetic biology, nano technology, space science and satellite projects and others.
The report is composed of one general strategic report and 17 sub reports what deal with 17 specific fields such as population and health, minerals and resources, space and ocean, information, material, ecology and environment. All the repots will be published bilingually, that is, in Chinese and English. CAS also will amend the road map every 4 years.
Source: CAS
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