Posted: December 11, 2006

Nanotechnology protects horses

(Nanowerk News) Horses are designed to live in the open. So keeping them in a stable is going very much against what their bodies were designed to cope with. When a horse is stabled, it is exposed to a far higher concentration of airborne particles than it would encounter in the field. This puts a strain on the house keeping mechanisms of the lungs and can eventually cause permanent damage.
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (C.O.P.D) in horses can be compared with asthma. Dust from the environment, feed, fungal spores from walls, from the bedding material and the horse itself builds up in the atmosphere and is inhaled. The smaller the particle, the further into the lung it is carried. COPD is an allergic response to these particles. (Farmers Lung is a disease caused by fungal spores in humans)
The most important factor to control in the stable of a horse with COPD is the quality of the air. A significant reduction in fungus spores can be achieved by painting the walls and the wood with an anti-microbial interior coating based on nanotechnology (a product called Bioni Nature). The coating contains a special nanoscale formulation against fungal spores. As soon as the spores come into contact with the coating, they will be completely destroyed.
The product was tested against Aspergillus Niger, which is the bench mark of all anti-fungus coatings. It is know that a product working against this kind of fungus will work well against most other funguses.
The paint has been tested as emission free and contains no VOC and no biocides. Even if a horse were to chew on a painted surface, there is no reason to believe that some mechanism within the horse could separate the particles from the adhering paint molecules. To maintain the surface and to make sure dirt build-ups are removed, there is no problem with using a high pressure cleaner.
Source: infolink
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