Posted: June 25, 2009

'Nano 2012' program is underway with 2.3 bilion euro funding

(Nanowerk News) The Nano 2012 R&D programme was officially launched in 2008, bringing together IBM’s research centres at Fishkill and Albany, New York state, STMicroelectronics and CEA-Leti.
It got the go-ahead in April following the signature of a framework agreement setting forth the programme’s objectives and the responsibilities of the various partners.
Nano 2012 is a cooperation program which aims to boost the technological lead and competitive position of the Grenoble area in the changing conditions of the global semiconductor industry and consolidate its leadership position in the development of (32 and 22 nm) CMOS technologies and derivative technologies for system-on-chips (embedded memory, analog/RF devices, etc.).
Over the next five years Nano 2012 will be allocated a €2.3bn R&D budget with a further €1.25bn for capital investment, making it one of France’s biggest industrial projects. National and local government are providing substantial support for the project, contributing some €457m. Realization of this project will make Grenoble- Isere a global centre for tomorrow’s nanoelectronics, with potential for creating about 650 jobs in the Grenoble area. In just 10 years more than €6bn will have been invested in micro and nano-electronics in Grenoble-Isere.
Source: CEA-Leti
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