Posted: June 29, 2009

Nanotechnology supported by Brain Tumour Foundation research grant

(Nanowerk News) Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is assisting Canadian research nationally in the mission to find a cause of and cure for brain tumours with the announcement of its annual grants-in-aid program recipients. This year, there were 34 applicants to the annual program and the six Canadian researchers were awarded more than $145,000 for projects focused on causation, diagnosis and treatment.
"We are very excited by the potential for all of the research that will be conducted as a result of these funds," says Susan Marshall, Executive Director of Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. "Our vision is to find a cure for brain tumours and to improve the quality of life for those affected and we hope this year's research will be another step on this journey."
Project Award Summaries
1. Doctor J. Gregory Cairncross, of University of Calgary and the Clark H. Smith Brain Tumour Centre in Calgary, was awarded nearly $25,000.00 towards research that will explore new therapies for a specific type of brain tumour called a Glioma. The research will focus on targeting the precise cells that appear to drive tumour growth.
2. Doctor Nina Jones, of the University of Guelph was awarded the grant for her research that will examine the implications for brain tumours when signal pathways, the way cells communicate with one another, are not properly controlled. Doctor Jones aims to determine whether a specific protein relates a particular diagnosis and if there are potential treatment options as a result.
3. Doctor Claire Infante-Rivard, of McGill University will investigate the role of genetic and environmental factors in the development of childhood brain tumours.
4. Doctor James Rutka from the University of Toronto will examine how to effectively cross the blood-brain-barrier for the imaging and treatment of brain tumours with nanotechnology. The research will help determine nanotechnology's promise for enhancing the diagnosis, imaging and treatment of brain tumours.
5. Doctor Luis Souhami, of McGill University Health Centre will conduct research into the effects of modifying the standard treatment of brain metastases tumours of whole-brain radiation.
6. Doctor Sean Symons, from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre aims to improve patient safety and outcomes with his research into an innovative method of locating the facial nerve prior to surgery. By understanding the location of the facial nerve before surgery, it is believed that post-operative complications will be reduced.
About Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
There are an estimated 55,000 people in this country living with a brain tumour and 10,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, many of those are children. Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada provides information through a free, comprehensive Patient Resource Handbook, live and web-based annual education events, and support through a Canada-wide, toll-free 1-800 line, website, and national support groups that meet monthly in 22 cities. Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada also supports brain tumour research through annual grants-in-aid program and to date has donated $2.3 million directly to brain tumour research.
Source: Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
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