Posted: July 15, 2009

Major nanotechnology partnership to establish the Computer Chip Hybrid Integration Partnership in upstate New York

(Nanowerk News) Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, joined by Gov. David A. Paterson and Assemblywoman RoAnn M. Destito, today announced the creation of a high-tech venture between SUNY Institute of Technology SUNYIT and the University at Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE), establishing the Computer Chip Hybrid Integration Partnership (CHIP).
This cross-regional partnership will develop the region's physical and intellectual ability and result in a state-of-the-art high tech business incubator/technology accelerator at SUNYIT. This joint partnership will support the attraction and retention of small and medium size nanotechnology companies in the Utica-Rome area and provide the necessary infrastructure to enable innovation, education and commercialization of computer chip solutions in upstate New York.
The project is expected to create as many as 475 supplier and contractor jobs in the Mohawk Valley and expand the nanotechnology industry throughout upstate New York.
"Today we are announcing the genesis of a whole new, job-creating high-tech economy in the Utica-Rome region," said Silver (D-Manhattan). "We are linking the highly successful nanotechnology partnership at UAlbany with SUNYIT to bring the nanotechnology industry and high-paying jobs into the Mohawk Valley. The shovel ready site at SUNY IT in Marcy is an essential piece in creating a high-tech corridor stretching from Albany to Buffalo. We are encouraging university-industry collaboration and the establishment of upstate New York as a premier location for nanotechnology research, development and manufacturing. This partnership would not be possible without the leadership of Governor Paterson and RoAnn Destito's tireless work in making nanotechnology jobs a reality for the Mohawk Valley."
"This collaboration is based on the very successful model that has been developed at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at SUNY Albany," said Destito (D/WF-Rome). "Today we are announcing a series of "firsts" that are the culmination of several years of discussion and planning that I have been working on with a number of key partners. Most importantly, the $35 million dollars in funding Speaker Silver and I have secured for this project will establish the first regional, cross-university Research and Development nanotechnology facility in upstate New York."
"When we talk about New York's investment in the New Economy, it's not just money we're investing. Today, we are investing the educational opportunities for students across the State and our reputation as the global leader in nanotechnology," said Governor Paterson. "I want to thank Speaker Silver and Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito for their commitment to SUNY's Institute of Technology and the University at Albany's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering. As I noted in my New Economy address in June, our state has led the world's economy for the past hundred years, and we are poised to lead for the next hundred. We have the brightest minds, the best universities and a thriving tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship."
"Our congratulations and gratitude to Speaker Silver, Governor Paterson, Assemblywoman Destito, and the New York State Assembly for their bold vision, pioneering strategy, and smart investment in launching the first inter-regional, cross-university nanotechnology research, education, and economic outreach public-private partnership in Upstate New York," said Dr. Alain E. Kaloyeros, Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of CNSE. "By leveraging critical state university assets, through SUNYIT and CNSE, and key corporate resources, through IBM and SEMATECH, within the New York nanoelectronics cluster, this partnership will establish in Utica-Rome the state-of-the-art infrastructure and capabilities necessary to enable innovation and commercialization, leading to the creation of hundreds of new high-tech, high-paying jobs. Longer term, this announcement will set the stage for future opportunities for high tech corporate investments in the Utica-Rome area, including at the globally competitive Marcy Nanotech site."
The CHIP venture also establishes the Computer Chip R&D Integration Center (CCIC) at the University at Albany. The center will partner with leading chip firms including IBM and SEMATECH to concentrate on research and development of "system on a chip" (SOC) technologies in which components of a computer or electronic system are contained on a single computer chip. SOC technologies are integral to the telecommunications, automotive, biomedical, defense and consumer electronics industries. CCIC will create 200 new high-tech research and development positions at the university.
Additionally, the enterprise creates the Computer Chip Commercialization Center (CCCC), at SUNYIT for the assembly and integration of SOC systems developed at CCIC. The commercialization center will include a state-of-the art "cleanroom", which removes impurities from the air and allows for the integration of SOC. The center will act as a business incubator to attract chip suppliers and contractors at SUNYIT, including the first ever SEMATECH Center in upstate New York.
The project is funded with $92.5 million in capital funds from this year's state budget, as well as a combined capital investment of $133.5 million from the internationally renowned firms IBM, SEMATECH and Intel. The partnership also creates a joint educational and training curriculum between the SUNYIT School of Information Systems and Engineering Technology and CNSE that would prepare workers for careers in computer chip integration and deployment. The CHIP establishes an inter-regional, cross-university structure for promoting the nanoelectronics industry.
Additional quotes:
Congressman Michael A. Arcuri said: "I commend Assemblywoman Destito, Speaker Silver and Governor Paterson for their commitment to economic development and job creation in the Mohawk Valley. Putting in place the research and workforce is a key component of attracting computer chip fabrication, and clearly we're moving in the right direction. Our region is working together at all levels of government with the private sector to bring more high-tech manufacturing to the Mohawk Valley, and I'm proud to be part of that effort."
State Senator Joseph A. Griffo said: "Attracting SEMATECH builds upon the previous efforts we have made as a team to maximize the potential of SUNYIT to fully develop the regional information technology sector. The presence of Rome Lab, Griffiss Park, and now this facility will allow our region to develop new jobs and new opportunities. I want to thank Governor Paterson for his attention to the needs of our region and I also want to give a special thanks to Assembly Speaker Silver. The Speaker helped us land Empire Aero and has been a supportive partner in the efforts of Assemblywoman Destito to help our area develop new jobs. This investment is a collaboration in a stronger future, helps set the stage for development of the Marcy NanoCenter project, and it is a great piece of news as we work to attract new jobs, and retain our young people here."
Oneida County Executive Anthony J. Picente said: "This announcement is exciting news for Oneida County and the Mohawk Valley region. This announcement marks a unique partnership that has one of our leading public universities establishing a cross university partnership with SUNYIT. It is great to see New York State make this commitment to SUNYIT and this region so that we can become one of the cornerstones in the statewide effort to attract new investment and high technology jobs that will transform our economy and enable New York State to be a leader in innovation and advanced manufacturing. I would like to applaud the Governor, Speaker Silver, Assemblywoman Destito, Dr. Kaloyeros and representatives from IBM and SEMATECH for supporting this investment in our region's future."
Utica Mayor David R. Roefaro said: "Today's announcement comes at a time when Uticans, and all of Upstate New Yorkers are starved for good news. Today, Assemblywoman Destito is showcasing to us that whatever may shake Albany, does not shake her, and does not shake her vision for the 116th Assembly District. I know the time and effort that has gone into today's announcement. This partnership between SUNYIT and the private sector will not only prove to be fruitful, but this will undoubtedly move our area forward, even our state. Today's announcement sets the stage for future economic development. I've always said, "If you build it, they will come," and today Assemblywoman Destito and Speaker Silver are not only building, but they're investing in the bigger picture- a bustling high tech industry, and"
Rome Mayor James F. Brown said: "We in Central New York are appreciative of the dedication and commitment to our area by Assemblywoman RoAnn Destito, Her persistent efforts on behalf of our region have been instrumental in helping this region in general, and the SUNY Institute of Technology, specifically. She is a tremendous partner in our efforts to move this region forward. I applaud Gov. David Paterson and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for furthering the economic and educational opportunities in and around Oneida County," Brown added. "We need to do all we can to encourage additional development and growth in our region. We are grateful that Governor Paterson and Speaker Silver not only recognize these needs but that they are also active supporters in this effort."
Town of Marcy Supervisor Brian Scala said: "This project has tremendous potential to diversify our region's economy, and make SUNYIT a leader in research and development. The Town of Marcy, and the entire Mohawk Valley region will benefit greatly. I thank Speaker Silver and Assemblywoman Destito for having the vision to move this exciting project forward."
Mohawk Valley EDGE President Steven DiMeo said: "The NYS Computer Chip Hybrid Integration Partnership between the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering and SUNYIT is a major milestone. This collaboration will build SUNYIT's technology capability in the semiconductor and nano-electronics industry and reaffirms New York's commitment to leverage the R&D capability of CNSE to be a catalyst for economic development in the Mohawk Valley. This cross university partnership dramatically enhances the attractiveness and competitive position of the Marcy NanoCenter site to attract a semiconductor plant to Marcy NanoCenter at SUNYIT."
Source: CNSE
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