Nanotechnology factory animated movie
Posted: Dec 29, 2006

Nanotechnology factory animated movie

(Nanowerk News) The first animation showing exactly how a nanofactory might work, "Productive nanosystems: From molecules to superproducts" is now available for free viewing at the Scintillating Science website.
As opposed to other versions of this movie that have been copied, the Scintillating Science version is not only the latest (v 1.1), but also contains no degradation from re-copying. The high resolution makes it the version that is recommended by Burch and Drexler - and it contains sound design and music by Mark Keefner of Waymo Music.
Designed by Dr. Eric Drexler and animator John Burch, the 5-minute movie is considered to be the first blueprint for nanofactories. These molecular factories will produce everything from medical devices and laptop computers, to food and clothing. Mr. Burch sees this becoming a reality by the year 2020.
Dr. Drexler, formerly of the Foresight Institute and now with Nanorex Inc., a molecular engineering software company, is the author of Nanosystems: Molecular Machinery, Manufacturing, and Computation
John Burch, M.S., is an engineer and 3D animator, and the president of Lizard Fire Studios which creates technical animations for product promotion and manufacturers' demonstrations.
The movie takes viewers inside the nanofactory and tours the factory from the molecular stage - where the mechanisms are made up of only a few hundred atoms each - up to the full size output stage with products like cell phones or cameras . The only waste from this device is water and warm air.
Source: Scintillating Science
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