Posted: August 12, 2009

Nanotechnology pioneer celebrates new book launch

(Nanowerk News) Toronto professor Geff Ozin, one of the pioneers of what has now become nanoscience and nanotechnology, celebrated at the weekend the launch of his new book “Concepts in Nanochemistry”.
The book uses a novel approach to teaching the concepts behind nano by taking six different materials which are prime examples of the six major concepts influencing the synthesis, properties, and applications of nanoscience. Dr. Gudrun Walter, Publisher of the Wiley-VCH book program is pictured here with Ozin.
“We are looking forward to the response of students and teachers to the book as it is an exciting new way or helping people learn the beauty and power of these materials” she said. Ozin added “This is a book for thinking students. It was a challenge to write and it is intended to challenge the readers.“ The book is co-authored by Ludovico Cademartiri of Harvard University.
Source: Wiley-VCH
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