Posted: August 24, 2009

Electrospinning nanofibers with aureole morphology

(Nanowerk News) Scientists at the University of Tehran have advanced the production of nanofibers with new morphologies by synthesizing functional aureole nanofibers ("Aureole nanofibers by electrospinning of PAMAM-PEO solution").
Nanotechnology has provided a new chance for scientists to produce nanofibers (with diameter of less than hundreds of nanometers). Nanofiber can be produced by different methods, and among those, electrospinning is a simple and valuable method. These advantages have caused this method to be applied widely in electronics, drug delivery, chemical sensors, oil and petroleum engineering, tissue engineering, filtration, etc.
"Regarding their wide applications and potentials, synthesis of nanofibers with new morphology is very important in experimental sciences and especially in field of drug delivery," Mohammad Madani, researcher of this project said.
"The synthesized nanofiber is a compound of dendrimeric-polymeric, PEO (Poly Ethylene Oxide) and PAMAM (Poly Amido Amin). After solving poly ethylene oxide, dendrimeric-polymeric is added, at the end, the solution is converted into aureole nanofiber via electrospinning," Madani explained.
He underlined that due to the presence of dendrimeric-polymeric in the process of synthesising, the produced nanofiber can react with different functional groups, and also have properties of poly amido amin together with those of nanofibers simultaneously.
Source: INTI
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