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Posted: August 28, 2009

The organic photovoltaic industry to convene In Boston this October

(Nanowerk News) This October, the Organic Photovoltaic industry's leading experts unite in one spectacular educational program--offered exclusively at the 1st annual Organic Photovoltaics Summit USA.
Bringing together over 25 world leading speakers, and over 150 attendees, the event is a comprehensive line up of world leading and exclusive presentations, lively panel debates, and fantastic networking opportunities designed to educate attendees on the industry's latest trends, innovations and opportunities.
The OPV 2009 Conference program brings together the foremost developers, researchers, academics, material providers and consultants. Who will address topics that range from efficiency updates and breakthroughs to how you can improve stability and lifetime, first markets and applications, as well as technological innovation, product updates and case studies. On top of this the summit provides delegates with fantastic networking opportunities including
  • Focused OPV exhibition
  • Networking drinks party
  • Over 12 hours of dedicated networking time
  • Online networking pre-conference
  • Speaking companies include Plextronics, Konarka, Solarmer, NREL, Sandia labs, NIST, and IMEC among others. Registration for the event is still open and there are a limited number of seats currently available. For more information please email the organizers at josh(at)opvtoday(dot)com.
    Organic Photovoltaics Summit USA 2009 is sponsored by Kurt.J.Lesker and Newport Corp. The event is produced and managed by OPV Today.
    Source: OPV Today
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