Posted: January 10, 2007

Madison's third Nano Cafe

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What: Nano Café
When: Monday, January 22th, 6:30 PM
Where: South Madison Library, 2222 S. Park Street, in room 310, Madison - In the Harambee Center
Free admission - No science background required
What are the Nano Cafés?
The Nano Cafés provide a casual atmosphere in which people who want to know more about nanotechnology can listen to experts, ask questions, and share concerns. UW-Madison experts explain their work, answer questions and address concerns from members of the public.
Nanotechnologies enable scientists and industries to make new shapes, devices, and products from cosmetics to drugs and aircraft materials. Although still largely unknown by lay people, nanotechnology will soon affect everybody's life and is considered the next industrial revolution.
At the January 22th Nano Café, Dr. Maria Powell, a researcher in the Nanoscale Science & Engineering Center from the University of Wisconsin Madison, will give a short talk about what nanotechnology is and what kinds of nanotechnology consumer products are currently on the market. She will also discuss some of the societal, environmental, and ethical controversies related to the development of these products.
You can find some basic information about nanotechnology in food, cosmetics, and antibacterials on the website's NanoProducts pages.
Like the Second Nano Café, this will be a short talk, followed by an informal discussion over dessert and coffee.
The event is sponsored by members of the Citizens' Coalition on Nanotechnology, in cooperation with faculty in the UW-Madison Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center.
For additional information go to, send an email to [email protected] or contact Mathilde Colin (608-238-1438).
Source: Madison's Nano Cafés
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