Posted: September 3, 2009

New Chinese science journal 'Science in China' formally launched

(Nanowerk News) Chinese science journal Science in China formally merged with Progress in Natural Science and was renamed Science China, announced Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) at a press conference held in Beijing on August 31, 2009.
Science in China and its sister journal Chinese Science Bulletin were launched in 1950, and Progress in Natural Science in 1990. These journals are sponsored respectively by CAS and NSFC. They had been dedicated to present to the world the best achievements by Chinese scientists on various fields of natural sciences researches ever since their founding.
CAS and NSFC initiated to consolidate the three journals with an aim to integrate the editorial and marketing resources and bring them in line with the international science journals as early as 2002.
The new Science China will focus on publishing important research results in China and seek to contribute to increase China's influence in the international science community. It will be a solid platform for Chinese scientists to embark on the international arena.
The English version Science China will publish high-quality, original results in both basic and applied research and present China's science to the world. The Chinese version will report on the latest scientific developments to the Chinese-reading public and guide China's basic research.
Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences
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