Posted: January 12, 2007

European nanomedicine research, training and regulation consolidates

(Nanowerk News) European efforts to consolidate the field of nanomedicine were further progressed during the research conference on nanomedicine in Spain last September (Nanomedicine - A new Opportunity for improving Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment for Disease). An attempt to harmonize the funding environment is also evident in the recently launched Framework Programme 7 (FP7 - the central mechanism of research funding at the European Commission level).
The conference was organized as a result of the efforts by the the European Science Foundation (ESF), which recently undertook a Forward Look on Nanomedicine, defining the current status and future prospects in this new and important emerging field. One of the recommendations relating to research, training and improved communication was the need to establish a Pan-European conference series that was truly interdisciplinary in the field of Nanomedicine. The overall aim being to improve scientific exchange and dissemination at the leading edge of Nanomedicine research and development (in all sub-disciplines of the field).
A recent article by Khuloud T Al-Jamal and Kostas Kostarelos, two researchers at the Nanomedicine Laboratory at the University of London, summarizes the findings presented at the conference.
Nanomedicine 2006 was supported by a newly established collaboration between the European Science Foundation (ESF) and the University of Barcelona (UB), which has settled the basis of a 5-year programme of research conferences activities in the Biomedical Field.
Under this new partnership, a strategy for future Research and Training in Nanomedicine was agreed, which will include parallel high-level Nanomedicine Conferences, a biannual series of ESF Summer Schools in Nanomedicine and a series of in-depth Workshops that will provide a forum for discussion and/or education in specific sub-disciplines of Nanomedicine. In addition, a European Masters/Doctoral Training curriculum specifically for Nanomedicine is being developed that will involve a Pan-European consortium of academic institutions.
Forthcoming Meetings and Summer Schools:
ESF Summer School in Nanomedicine, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 10-15 June 2007
ESF-UB Conference Nanomedicine 2008, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain, 19-25 September 2008
ESF Summer School in Nanomedicine, Lisbon, Portugal, 2009
For further raeding, there are also two leading European scoping papers on Nanomedicine, which make essential background reading on this exciting topic the Europen Technology Platform on Nanomedicine and the European Science Foundation (ESF) Forward look paper.
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