Posted: January 16, 2007

Nanotechnology investing forum

(Nanowerk News) A conference in Palm Springs next week will give an overview where nanotechnology VCs are investing right now and what the most promising commerzialization applications are.
The "Nanotech Investing Forum" will take place on January 22 and 23 in Palm Springs, CA.
Topics covered will include:
– Leading VCs speak out regarding their investing strategies
– How start ups, corporations & research labs are working with the VC community
– Successful transfer of corporate, university, and government R&D into profitable Ventures
– The public marketís appetite for nanotech
– Growth projections and market intelligence on commercialization sector opportunities
– Deal structures for harvesting intellectual property
– Spin out opportunities
– How nanotech is facilitating new technology applications
– Key strategies for partnering opportunities
– The convergence of nano, bio and IT
– Timeline for commercialization for nanotech tools and applications
– Success strategies from leading nano company CEOs
– How the US PTO dealing with the deluge of nanotech patents
– International developments in nanotech IP, tech transfer, & licensing
Source: IBF Conferences
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