Posted: September 15, 2009

NorTech transitions nanotechnology network initiative to PolymerOhio

(Nanowerk News) Today NorTech, the champion for high tech industry growth in Northeast Ohio, announced it will transition operations of its Nano-Network initiative to PolymerOhio, a statewide organization that accelerates commercialization activities across a wide range of applications in the polymer and advanced materials industries.
Since 2005, NorTech has been supporting, staffing and managing the Nano-Network. Over the past four years, the Nano-Network has been active in educating the public about nanotechnology and related issues; communicating Northeast Ohio's role in the nanotechnology industry at local, state, and national levels; sponsoring and supporting activities to expand nanotechnology commercialization efforts in Northeast Ohio and abroad; and advocating for resources and funding to continue nanotechnology business and research in Northeast Ohio.
Major Nano-Network programs have included the Annual Nano Week, Nano-App Summit, Nano Medicine Summit, Nano Business Idea Competition, Nanovate, "Nano 101" seminars, Nano Manufacturer's Forum and the Northeast Ohio Nanotechnology Report.
The decision to transfer Nano-Network operations is a result of NorTech's strategic planning process that was completed in mid 2008. While nanotechnology will continue to be integral to NorTech's focus on industry building and technology commercialization, PolymerOhio is better positioned to now manage the organization and carry the nanotechnology message statewide in Ohio.
"The Nano-Network has made a great and important impact on Northeast Ohio to-date. We have certainly increased our region's national and international visibility and credibility in the nanotechnology arena; attracted external investment and talent as a result; and helped our business and academic communities cultivate collaborations and stimulate commercialization. I am confident that with PolymerOhio's leadership, the Nano-Network will continue to be successful with the added benefit of now promoting and linking nanotechnology statewide," said Alexis Abramson, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Northeast Ohio Nano-Network and Associate Professor at Case Western Reserve University.
PolymerOhio's connections in the polymer and advanced materials industries with potential collaborators/partners, researchers, suppliers, customers, and economic development resources will help to broaden the geographic scope of Nano-Network's activities to be statewide. Additionally, PolymerOhio supports various events throughout the state that further enhance connections across a broad range of nanotechnology-related applications.
"I appreciate NorTech's leadership and efforts over the past four years to make Nano-Network one of the best-known privately funded, 'grass roots' nanotechnology organizations in the U.S. I look forward to building upon the group's success by mobilizing the resources and connections of Ohio's advanced materials industry to encourage adoption of nanotechnology throughout the state of Ohio," said Wayne Earley, President and CEO of PolymerOhio.
Ken Vaughan, Vice President of Programs for PolymerOhio, has been appointed as successor to Dr. Alexis Abramson and will serve as the new Executive Director of the Nano-Network, under PolymerOhio's management.
About The Nano-Network of Northeast Ohio
The Nano-Network was formed in 2003 by scientists, entrepreneurs and financiers to improve and expand nanotechnology research and commercialization activities and capacities in Northeast Ohio, and throughout the nation. Since 2005, the Nano-Network has been managed by NorTech, a regional economic development organization that champions growth in Northeast Ohio's high tech economy. NorTech's relationship with the Nano-Network has provided the group with structure, contacts and resources to further promote nanotechnology in Ohio and the United States.
About Polymer Ohio
OH!Polymer is composed of two nonprofit groups: PolymerOhio, Inc. and the Ohio Polymer Strategy Council. These groups share a common purpose to support and grow Ohio's polymer and advanced materials businesses. Collectively, these important organizations seek to enhance Ohio's position as a worldwide center of excellence for polymers and advanced materials. Polymers are both a strategic technology platform that is important to several key Ohio industries and an important vertical industry with a complete supply chain of companies that are located in nearly every county in the state.
PolymerOhio, Inc. is an Ohio Edison Technology Center funded by the Ohio Department of Development and has been involved with nano technology organizations for the past 5+ years. The Ohio Polymer Strategy Council is a self-funded organization made up of the leaders of some of Ohio's major polymer companies and universities with polymer programs. The organization provides strategic direction and advice to state leaders and PolymerOhio.
Source: NorTech
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