Posted: September 28, 2009

Nanotech Europe Speeds Commercialization of Nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) Spinverse and an extensive partner consortium have assembled Europe’s largest annual nanotechnology event, Nanotech Europe, to drive the commercial development of nanotechnology. The event, which starts today and continues until September 30th, is estimated to attract at least 700 participants from 50 countries, as well as 64 companies in the sold-out exhibition.
Nanotech Europe brings together entrepreneurial start-ups and innovative corporations, world-class science, and representatives from government and funding bodies to advance the development of nanotechnology. The event addresses critical success factors for nanotechnology; dialogue between organisations and across industry boundaries, directing public and private sector investment to support innovation, and management of complex industry needs.
The event covers a wide range of nanotechnology research and development, including technologies for cancer detection and treatment, high-efficiency solar cells, water purification, high density data storage, novel electronic and photonic devices, and many other life-improving innovations. The plenary on Monday featured a Nobel Prize winner in physics Professor Peter Grünberg, who (along with Albert Fert) discovered giant magnetoresistance which makes possible much of our current data storage technology and interesting overview from Daimler on how to apply nanotechnology in car manufacturing.
Nanotech Europe also features firms in a wide range of industrial sectors discussing their needs from nanotechnology; Nokia, Shell, Daimler, Thales, Fiat, Bayer and many others will talk about their activities and how they see nanotechnology affecting their industry.
The Nanotech Europe Executive Forum, in partnership with Lux Research, will cover best practices in technology scouting, key strategies for open innovation, and why open innovation is so relevant in nanotechnology. The forum features contributions from Oerlikon, Procter & Gamble, Merck, DSM, Dow, Good Energies, Solvay, Kuraray, Nanogate, Elmarco, Dow Chemical and the European Commission.
Funding drivers in nanotechnology from public and private sources will also be addressed when independent and corporate VCs reveal what they are looking for when they review start-ups in nanotechnology. Public funding leaders from the European Commission, Russia, China, France, Singapore, Finland, Germany and the UK will also reveal how they are supporting nanotechnology commercialisation.
The lead organiser of Nanotech Europe is Spinverse, an emerging technology commercialisation company with activities in programme coordination, new business creation and contacts. The event is organised by a comprehensive consortium of partners, including Agent-D, the coordination group of the Centers of Competence of Nanotechnology in Germany in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany) and several international partners.
Source: Spinverse
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