Posted: October 7, 2009

CEA-Leti and Caltech will present their joint nanosystem roadmaps on Nov. 10

(Nanowerk News) CEA-Leti and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) will present their joint nanosystem roadmaps at an Nov. 10 workshop at Caltech in Pasadena, Calif.
The workshop, sponsored by the NanoVLSI Alliance, is designed to inform potential industrial partners about the potential for nanosystems in three areas:
  • Ultra-high-sensitivity and selectivity, gas-phase chemical sensing
  • High-throughput proteomic µ-mass spectrometry
  • Microfluidic biosensing for medical, pharmaceutical, environmental and agro-food diagnostics
  • CEA/Leti-Minatec and Caltech’s Kavli Nanoscience Institute created the NanoVLSI Alliance in 2006 to collaborate on nanoscience at Caltech and in microsystems science and engineering at Leti-MINATEC. Researchers from both institutions are working together to transform nanotechnology-based prototypes into robust, complex sensing systems ready for transfer to industry.
    The alliance recently launched the Caltech-Leti Nanosystems Sponsor Program for leading industry players to accelerate the commercialization of its nanosystem innovations.
    In addition to presentations on the NanoVLSI Alliance’s three areas of focus, the Oct. 2 workshop will include a session on member benefits of the sponsor program, and one-on-one discussions between interested companies and key alliance officials and researchers.
    Source: CEA-Leti
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