Posted: October 14, 2009

Call for papers: International Conference on Composites or Nanoengineering

(Nanowerk News) This is a call for two-page short papers for the The Eighteenth Annual International Conference on Composites/Nanoengineering (ICCE - 18) in Anchorage, Alaska,USA, on July 4-10, 2010.
Interested author should submit tentative paper title immediately. The two-page detailed short paper, should be written, by following the format on the web page.
Please apply for travel funds and passport visa early, since this can take time, and inform interested friends to present papers. The organizers allow only one paper per presenter.
All ICCE-18 Anchorage, two-page short papers, will be reviewed and selected detailed short papers will be published in special issue of World Journal of Engineering, containing over 1000 pages. Participants of ICCE-18 are encouraged to expand the short paper to become full-length paper and then submit it to any journals of his/her choice, or submit for review in World Journal of Engineering. Thus, most participants will have two journal publication (one short paper, one long paper) as a benefit of coming to ICCE-18 Anchorage.
The excellent venue hotel in Anchorage will be announced soon, for planning purposes, the hotel cost is US$115+tax per night for six or more nights, US$135+tax per night for five nights or less.
The slogan of Alaska is “the Last Frontier”, one of the last unexplored and unpolluted places in America. In the summer, you can ride the cruise ship to see glacier, taste the world’s best salmon, experience unique culture of the natives, and have a chance to see polar bears, and American eagles. You will enjoy long daylight, short night time. Many professors wish to go there because they have been in almost all 49 states, but not Alaska! Mount McKinley is the highest mountain in America, covered with snow even in summer, some photos can be see, please bring your telescopes,
Due to budgetary constraints, the organizers cannot offer financial assistance. If you are absolutely sure you cannot attend this conference, please do not submit paper title.
Source: Prof. David Hui, University of New Orleans
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