Posted: January 23, 2007

Conference: Nanoparticles - new opportunities and challenges for colloid scientists

(Nanowerk News) Chemists are now able to produce nanoparticles, of well defined size and shape, at high yield. This offers the opportunity to both study the phase behaviour of suspensions containing high-volume fractions of nanoparticles and undertake systematic studies of the assembly of nanoparticles to produce novel materials.
Colloid scientists continue to introduce new experimental methods to investigate suspensions of micron sized particles and develop underpinning theory.
– Can these experimental methods be employed to investigate suspensions of nanoparticles?
– Are the theories developed for suspensions of micron sized particles valid for nanoparticle suspensions?
– Can the properties of individual particles be better controlled at the nanoscale, and hence do nanoparticle suspensions offer the opportunity of gaining more detailed insight to particle assembly?
A three day conference, hosted by the Materials Chemistry Forum and Chemical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Group of the RSC, and the joint RSC/SCI Colloid and Interface Science Group, aims to map the common areas of interest and the distinctive challenges for scientists working in the colloid and nanoparticle fields.
Nanoparticles: New Opportunities and Challenges for Colloid Scientists
28 - 30 March 2007
University of Warwick, UK
Early bird and call for poster abstracts deadline: 2 February
Topics covered at the conference will facilitate the interaction and exchange of information between the colloid science and nanoparticle communities, with the focus on formulations containing nanoparticles.
Source: RSC
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