Posted: October 29, 2009

2009 Fine Particle Forum award to Markku Rajala

(Nanowerk News) Markku Rajala has been nominated as the awardee of the Fine Particle Forum Award 2009. For long, Rajala has carried a central role in the networking of the Finnish fine particle field by increasing the interaction both between academia and industry and within industry stakeholders, in an unprejudiced, interdisciplinary way.
Rajala was one of the key persons in the interdisciplinary group developing the liquid flame spray technology (LFS, nHALO®) – a technology combining the aerosol, materials and design expertise in a novel way. He was also the first to start the commercial utilization of the technology in Finland. Rajala has contributed to establishing at least six companies operating in the field of aerosols by encouraging to commercialization or by becoming an entrepreneur himself. He was also responsible for managing the NanoHarju -program which successfully developed the business of nanotechnology companies in the western Uusimaa region.
Markku Rajala is also one of the upstanding members of the Fine particle forum and is a founding member and a chairman of FAST (from aerosol science to industrial applications) - a subdivision of Fine particle forum tailored for the SMEs. Consequently, Rajala has brought his own expertise and the expertise of his contacts to the benefits of Fine particle forum bringing strong understanding about the importance of the IPR to the business of the companies operating in the field of fine particles. In addition, by his own example, Rajala has been encouraging the Fine particle forum to utilize the potential of open innovation as a community.
Rajala is working at Beneq Oy specializing in the use of aerosol-processes in industrial applications. In his work Rajala has able to recognize and utilize the fine particle related innovations, and has been successful in linking the Finnish scientific expertise in aerosols with the business sector.
Fine particle forum Award 2009 will be granted to a company, organization or person, who has applied the fine particle research to socially or technically and economically important subject or has been active in promoting and significantly improving the visibility of the fine particle field in addition to being an active influence in the society. The previous awardees have been Tulikivi Oy, Docent Raimo O. Salonen and the Finnish Meteorological Institute. The award committee was chaired by Prof. (aerosol physics) Kaarle Hämeri, University of Helsinki and the other members were Specialist Minna Väkevä, Oy Halton Group Ltd and Head of Air protection group, Tarja Koskentalo, YTV.
Fine Particle Forum is an independent and neutral network of nano- and fine particle stakeholders in Finland. The forum is based on networks and partnerships created in Fine-program of Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation). More than 100 member organisations include companies, research organizations, publicly funded organizations, ministries, funding, NGOs, etc.
Source: Fine Particle Forum
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