Posted: November 2, 2009

International conference on functional nanomaterials at the BTU in Germany

(Nanowerk News) Scientist will discuss the latest results on the field of nanomaterials, which play an important role in opto-electronics, photonics and photovoltaics.
On November 3rd / 4th the BTU Cottbus will open he “5th International Workshop on Advanced Nanomaterials”.
The workshop is organized by the Faculty 1 – Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Computer Science and is supposed to be a joint venture of the Charles-University Prague, the Technical Universities in Wroclaw and Dresden, and partners from industry and research institutes that have a close relationship to the BTU Cottbus, such as the Fraunhofer Institutes in Dresden.
The conference is an annual meeting of leading scientists working on the topic of application-oriented, fundamental research, and and reflects of the long time established cooperation of research groups from the BTU Cottbus, with leading institutions in Poland, the Czech Republic, and the industrial partners in Dresden.
The conference brings together, scientists from the different disciplines Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, and Computer Science, working on field of functional nanomaterials.
This meeting supports the international and interdisciplinary exchange between the neighboring universities of Dresden, Prague, Wroclaw and Cottbus, together with the affiliated research institutions.
The conference includes more than 20 contributions on modeling, preparation and analytic of functional substrates, thin films and devices as well as application-oriented topics as opto-electronic, photonics and photovoltaic devices.
The previous workshops have been organized by the universities of Dresden, Prague and Wroclaw. This year, the BTU Cottbus will be the host for the first time, and will welcome more than 30 experienced researchers and young scientists, as well as all interested colleagues from the BTU who work in this upcoming research field. The invitation to Cottbus found a wide positive response, and it promises to be a successful sequel of this conference-series in the next years with a cooperation of the BTU Cottbus.
Source: Brandenburgische Technische Univerisität Cottbus
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