Posted: November 3, 2009

Fastest light microscope in the world wins business competition

(Nanowerk News) A jury consisting of four top-class IT decision-makers selected the best business idea at the 8th Heidelberg Innovation Forum on 20th October 2009. The winner is Prof. Christoph Cremer of the Kirchhoff Institute of Physics in Heidelberg. He was awarded the “Best Business Idea“ bwcon award by the business initiative Baden-Württemberg: Connected for his innovation - the world’s fastest light microscope for the three-dimensional analysis of whole cells in the nanometre range. It exceeds all previous resolution limits in microscopy, limits that were previously regarded as unsurpassable.
33 researchers, developers and founders presented their ideas on the topic visualisation and simulation technologies to investors and decision-makers from industry. Six of the business solutions presented at the Innovation Forum in Heidelberg came from the academic world. TLB, as patent exploitation agency of the state of Baden-Württemberg, supports university researchers in the patenting and marketing of their ideas as well as managing their application for the annual Innovation Forum.
The bwcon award for the best innovation was given for the third time in a row to inventors and cooperation partners supported by TLB. The jury decided to award the "Best Business Idea" bwcon award for particularly promising business ideas to Prof. Christoph Cremer for his groundbreaking "Vertico SMI" light microscopy. The Heidelberg researcher's patented method enables the presentation and analysis of cells with a 2D spatial resolution of 10 nanometres and 40 nanometres in 3D in far-field images. The Vertico SMI has thus become the world's fastest super-resolution microscope in the world, taking only two minutes from image acquisition to the complete processing of objects in the nanometre range to the final image. It takes less than three minutes for the more complex two-colour co-localisation 2CLM.
The award includes personal business mentoring under the Coach & Connect programme, which the bwcon business initiative has set up to support high-tech business ideas on the road to becoming marketable products and services.
The Heidelberg Innovation Forum is organised by MFG Baden-Württemberg and the European Media Laboratory. The members of this year's jury were: Dr. Joachim Bernecker (business angel and active member of cyberforum e.V. of the Karlsruhe Technology Region), Dr. Björn Momsen (High-Tech Gründerfonds consultant), Dr. Andrew Reddick (Director of the National Research Council Canada), Dr. Tilman Schad (member of the business initiative Baden-Württemberg: Connected e.V. board of directors).
Source: Das Biotechnologie und Life Sciences Portal Baden-Württemberg
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