Posted: January 29, 2007

German company takes proactive approach to nanotechnology safety

(Nanowerk News) Certainly a step in the right direction, and an example for other large manufacturers, Degussa, a large specialty chemicals manufacturer, has developed a nanotechnology policy in which it sets out guidelines on product safety and safe production.
The company also is active in funding and carrying out nanotechnology safety research. It is taking part in a range of projects investigating the impact of industrially produced nanoparticles on health and the environment. To complement its own studies, Degussa participates in collaborative projects with other producers and leading research institutes and supports the work of well-known scientists and research organizations. The company is a partner in the NanoCare (in German) project that is investigating health aspects of nanomaterials.
From the company's press release introducing the new website:
Degussa GmbH, Dusseldorf, Germany, has a new website on its activities in the field of nanotechnology. Visitors can find out more about how Degussa sees the opportunities offered by this technology and the action it takes to make sure it uses it responsibly.
“The purpose of this internet site is to encourage an open debate about the opportunities and risks of nanotechnology,” explains Dr. Markus Pridöhl, nanotechnology coordinator at Degussa. “We want to make this technology transparent to the general public.”
Nanotechnology is regarded as a key technology with enormous economic potential. Degussa sees it as an opportunity to develop innovative products and efficient solutions that help improve environmental protection, health and product quality. Nanostructured materials are one of Degussa’s special strengths.
The website showcases a wide range of applications and research projects that demonstrate the benefits of nanostructured materials and system solutions – from super-sharp holiday snaps printed on home printers through transparent sunscreen with a high UV protection factor and scratchproof paints and coatings to membranes for safer lithium ion batteries.
Source: Degussa
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