Posted: February 27, 2007

World's first safety label for nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) A cooperation between a major global auditing and technology certification authority in Germany (TÜV Munich) and a Swiss nanotechnology consulting firm (Innovation Society) has developed CENARIOS® (Certifiable Nanospecific Risk management and Monitoring System). According to the press release, it is the world’s first certifiable risk management and -monitoring system for nanotechnologies.
The system considers risk related information from science (Health, Safety, Environment), regulation, technology and market. It is applicable for technology risks with high uncertainty, high market dynamism and fast growing research data. The periodical certification by the independent TÜV auditing and certification authority provides an up-to date safety standard for the risk management system and a wide focussed foresight tool for decision making processes.
This approach consists of three modules:
Module 1: Hazard and risk assessment provides current product- and process specific Risk-Evaluation and positioning
Module 2: A 360 degree risk-monitoringsystem screens relevant developments and trends in science, regulation, technology and market
Module 3: Issue-Management and Communication provides the necessary tools to deal with potential crises.
The system makes sure, that the risk relevant know-how is on latest "State of the Art" standard in science, technology and regulation (Health, safety environment) and that upcoming trends and developments are spotted and evaluated at an early stage. The periodical certification process ensures that the safety system is kept up to date. CENARIOS® therefore provides the opportunity for industry and retail organisations to identify, analyse and evaluate potential risk signals in scientific, regulatory, societal and market in a customer specific 360 degree risk monitoring process.
The risk management system will be certified periodically according to a predefined auditing scheme of TÜV Munich. The awarded certificate will
– provide a credible standard for risk management processes
– evaluate the safety standards of products, processes and workplace safety continuously
– reduce a company’s liability risks significantly along the value chain
– underline a company’s safety efforts towards its stakeholders and the public
– be an excellent communication tool to investors, insurance companies, authorities and customers
As nanotechnology is a typical enabling technology which will affect all industries CENARIOS® can be applied in basically all branches for instance in chemical- pharma, textiles, colours-, plastics-, cosmetics, automotive- electronic-, medical-, packaging- and food-industry. As there is an increasing number of nanomaterials on the market the system can be applied by retail- and wholesale companies as well.
Source: Innovation Society
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