Posted: March 22, 2007

New monthly compendium on nanotechnology risk research

(Nanowerk News) The nanotechnology coalition that launched the first online database of scientific findings related to the benefits and risks of nanomaterials has taken the concept one step further with the launch today of The Virtual Journal of Nanotechnology Environment, Health & Safety (VJ-Nano EHS).
A monthly online journal that contains citations and links to articles on the environment and health impacts of nanotechnology, VJ-Nano EHS is a product of The International Council on Nanotechnology (ICON) and Rice University's Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology (CBEN), which launched the first EHS database in August 2005.
This new journal doesn't contain any original articles itself but it organizes the information about articles from other journals contained in ICON's existing EHS Database into a reader-friendly monthly journal format, with articles listed in each issue primarily published during that month.
Contents can be browsed by author, journal, or date or by method of study, exposure or hazard target, paper type, risk exposure group, production, particle type, exposure pathway, content emphasis and target audience. In the future, the journal will include a section on the "most-cited Nano EHS papers."
Source: ICON
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