Posted: March 29, 2007

EU nanotechnology project on molecular machines is coming to a close

(Nanowerk News) The goal of BIOMACH, one of the FP6-funded Europen nanotechnology projects, was to achieve scientific prominence in the field of design and handling of nanoscale molecular machines. Launched in 2004, the project will come to a close at the end of April this year. There will be a final review meeting on April 23-25, 2007, in Baden-Baden, Germany.
BIOMACH was set up as a cross-disciplinary research initiative dealing with molecular machines, in particular biological and artificial motors. A close collaboration between chemists known for their expertise in designing functional (bio)molecular motors, biophysicists experienced in dealing with molecular biomachines and physicists addressing single-molecules will advance the basic understanding in this domain.
The vision of this research initiative was, firstly to merge the advantages of the accessible biological and artificial systems by (self)assembling of hybrid bio-inorganic working devices, and secondly to rationalize and to operate them on the single-molecule level.
The project produced 10 publications, which can be downloaded as pdf files from the project's publications section.
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