Posted: March 29, 2007

Nanotechnology and society in India

(Nanowerk News) Five Indian researchers from different disciplines answered some questions on Nanotechnology and Society in India, after the conference on “Fostering Innovation in Nanotechnology between EU & India”, on March 3, 2007 in New Delhi.
These researchers believed nanotechnology can benefit India’s development, but applied research and technology transfer to industry must be improved. There is a need for more and better education in nanotechnology and in entrepreneurship. At the same time, the respondents were aware of potential risks of engineered nanomaterials and societal impacts of nanotechnology. There is no public awareness in India, so it is unclear if the public will accept nanotechnology enabled products. The EU-India Nanotechnology Collaboration Platform can play a role in fostering beneficial applications of nanotechnology for India, while avoiding negative impacts. The respondents foresaw a role for their own organisation in this and also pinpointed other potential members.
The full article can be found on the Nanoforum website (free registration required).
The conference was organized by EuroIndiaNet, a policies, support structures and training programmes that fosters innovation in nanotechnology between the EU and India.
Source: Nanoforum/EuroIndiaNet
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