Posted: April 2, 2007

Nanotechnology at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

(Nanowerk News) The Edinburgh International Science Festival in Scotland, which started today and runs until April 15, has 14 venues hosting 133 events, all designed to let you explore, discover, debate and wonder at the marvels of science – nanotechnology among them.
One venue, the National Museum of Scotland - Science Zone, hosts an event titled "Extreme Machines": Meet the engineers who work on the smallest nanotechnology machines to the latest wind turbines and learn how to make your own ‘extreme’ machine!
In the "Cutting Edge" talks, Professor Richard Jones, author of "Soft Machines: Nanotechnology and Life" will talk about nanotechnology:
Why does nature engineer in the way it does? The way things behave at nanoscale is very different to the way they behave on large scales. Nature already exploits this special physics of the nanoscale; Join us for a lively exploration of how nanotechnology can learn from nature and how the future of this technology lies in biology rather than conventional engineering. What scientific breakthroughs could this knowledge lead too? Find out what the future holds when biology meets technology.
Source: Edinburgh International Science Festival
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