Posted: April 11, 2007

University sponsors nanotechnology digital art contest

(Nanowerk News) In order to assist high school students to think about the future with nanotechnology the Clarion University nanotechnology program and the art department are sponsoring a digital art contest, “Nanotechnology and the Environment for High School Students.”
Nanotechnology and the Environment for High School Students
Dr. Joshua Pearce, coordinator of nanotechnology at Clarion University said, “Nanotechnology is incredibly powerful and holds enormous promise to solve many of the world’s environmental problems. This is important as humanity is approaching the tipping point of global climate destabilization. Unfortunately, nanotechnology also presents a new class of risks, which need to be considered as we continue to accelerate technological development into the future.
“The contest asks students to digitally illustrate what they think the future of nanotechnology and the environment hold. What will the effect of nanotechnology be on the environment? Will it solve our pollution and climate change problems or create environmental disasters undreamed of before? Only student creativity can tell us.”
The deadline for the contests is May 15 and all of the rules for the contest can be found at
High school students can enter the Contest by submitting an original, digital work of art in the form of a .gif, .jpg, .bmp file that does not exceed 5 megabytes in size to [email protected]
Students are asked to include in the email the following: name, address, e-mail address, phone number, school name, year in school, title of artwork and filename, and an artist’s statement, one paragraph describing and explaining the submission.
The top 20 entries will be exhibited on the Clarion Nanotechnology Digital Art Contest website. One “Grand Prize” will be awarded and one “Secondary Prize” will also be awarded.
The “Grand Prize Package” shall consist of the following prizes: $150, showcased entry on Clarion University’s Nanotechnology Website, nanotechnology DVD, a vial of genuine gold nano-particles, and a “Digital Introduction to Nanotechnology” CD for the teacher/school.
The “Secondary Prize Package” includes: $50, showcased entry on Clarion University’s Nanotechnology Website, nanotechnology DVD, and a “Digital Introduction to Nanotechnology” CD for your teacher/school.
Original works of digital art submitted prior to the deadline shall be judged on originality, technical feasibility, and artistic expression, with equal weight being given to each criterion by a team of judges from the physics and art departments at Clarion University.
Source: Clarion University
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