Posted: May 2, 2007

Nanotechnology packaging is 'extremely challenging'

(Nanowerk News) A project aimed at researching and establishing fibre-based packaging throughout Europe using nanotechnology has been described as "extremely challenging" by a member of one of its partners.
Chris Breen, a researcher at Sheffield Hallam University, commented in relation to the target of making sustainable fibre-based packaging a major player in the sector in the next ten years.
He told Food Production Daily that developing this type of packaging as a competitor of its traditional polymer-based counterpart would be a definite challenge.
The project, called SustainPack, has a budget of 36 million (24.59 million) of which 19 million is being provided by the European Union.
It aims to use natural and sustainable materials to create alternative packaging solutions and nanotechnology to assist in making these available to consumers.
Partners in the project include Sainsburys, Pira International, Kappa Packaging Development and the Royal Institute of Technology.
TUV Product Service, part of the TÜV SÜD Group of companies with 1bn Euros turnover, in excess of 9,500 employees and 500 locations worldwide, is a leading producer of Compliance and Assurance Solutions for the technology sector.
Source: TÜV SÜD
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