Posted: May 2, 2007

Alberta invests C$130-million in nanotechnology

(Nanowerk News) Investing in 'the science of small' will help generate huge returns for Albertans, said Premier Ed Stelmach, unveiling the "province's strategy" to capture a $20-billion market share of the world's burgeoning nanotechnology market.
"Our $130-million investment today will help Alberta represent part of the competitive nanotech market by 2020," Stelmach said. "That investment can grow to an estimated $20-billion in new economic activity, helping build a stronger Alberta."
Doug Horner, Minister of Advanced Education and Technology, said the three-pillar strategy to grow new nanotech businesses, garner nanotech talent and build nanotech infrastructure will propel Canada to be among the top five countries in the world for nano-based economic activity.
"Nanotechnology lets us discover the unique properties of materials and how we can manipulate them at molecular levels to develop products that are stronger, faster or smarter," he said.
The province already enjoys a solid nanotechnology base because industry, government and academic institutions collaborate on research and innovation. A new $5.5-million entity called nanoAlberta will further that collaboration.
"nanoAlberta will guide partnerships with industry, post-secondary institutions and government, and it will look for opportunities to make the biggest economic and social impact for Albertans," he added.
"Alberta has shown a commitment to the future of the province by taking its investments in nanotechnology to the next level," said Dr. Peter Hackett, President and CEO, Alberta Ingenuity. "Alberta Ingenuity is strongly aligned with the province's plans, and we are looking at this as an opportunity to transform the research landscape in Canada by recruiting exceptional people to the province, providing exceptional support and creating exceptional results that benefit all Albertans."
The province expects nanotechnology will accelerate innovation in Alberta's traditional sectors of energy, agriculture and forestry as well as environmental, health and medical technologies.
This strategy is one of the key actions under Premier Ed Stelmach's plan to build a stronger Alberta. Other priorities for the government are to govern with integrity and transparency, manage growth pressures, improve Albertans' quality of life and promote safe and secure communities.
Source: Government of Alberta
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