Posted: May 3, 2007

Indian government approves nanotechnology mission

(Nanowerk News) The Government of India has approved the launch of a Mission on Nano Science and Technology (Nano Mission) with an allocation of Rs. 1000 crore (approx. US$245 million) for 5 years. The Department of Science and Technology will be the nodal agency for implementing the Nano Mission.
Capacity-building in this upcoming area of research will be of utmost importance for the Nano Mission so that India emerges as a global knowledge-hub in this field also. For this, research on fundamental aspects of nanoscience and training of large number of manpower will receive prime attention. Equally importantly, the Nano Mission will strive for development of products and processes for national development, especially in areas of national relevance like safe drinking water, materials development, sensors development, drug delivery, etc. For this, it will forge linkages between educational and research institutions and industry and promote Public Private Partnerships.
The Nano Mission has been structured in a fashion so as to achieve synergy between the national research efforts of various agencies in Nano Science and Technology and launch new programmes in a concerted fashion. International collaborative research efforts will also be made wherever required.
The Nano Mission is the result of considerable promotional efforts already put in by the Government of India to promote nanotechnology research. Over 100 research projects have been funded so far. Several centres of excellence on nanoscience and nanotechnology have also been established. A number of post-doctoral fellowships have been awarded. Several national and international conferences, schools, etc. have been organized. The Government has spent approximately Rs. 200 crore over the past 5 years to promote R&D in this area. These scientists, facilities and centres will form part of the network of the Nano Mission.
Source: Government of India, Press Information Bureau
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