Posted: May 8, 2007

Nanotechnology dental implants

(Nanowerk News) Dental implant company BIOMET 3i™ has just introduced a new dental implant using nanotechnology.
“The new NanoTite Implant represents a notable advancement in dental implant technology,” says Alan Meltzer, D.M.D., one of the first periodontists to offer his patients the NanoTite Implant at his New Jersey practice.
The NanoTite Implant adds deposits of nanoscale calcium phosphate crystals to approximately 50% of the surface. These nanoscale deposits create a complex surface on the implant that, according to pre-clinical studies, appears to play a key role in how the implant bonds with the bone. Human bone recognizes calcium phosphate as being biologically natural, allowing the bone and implant to bond during healing.
Patient applications and benefits of the NanoTite Implant include use to replace single or multiple missing teeth due to cavities, decay, trauma or disease. The NanoTite Implant, like all dental implants, is designed to help preserve bone structure and natural facial contours.
Source: Biomet 3i
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