Thailand pushing forward on nanosafety regulations

(Nanowerk News) Thailand is making advancement in pushing for the country's first strategy plan on nanotechnology safety and ethic which is expected to be submitted to the government in 2011.
The National Nanotechnology Center, NANOTEC is the key player in pushing for the implementation of this plan. Recently, NANOTEC held a public hearing session in Bangkok where stakeholders from various sectors are given an opportunity to voice their opinion on the draft plan. To date a total of six hearings have been held.
Public hearing session on nanotechnology safety in Bangkok
Public hearing session on nanotechnology safety in Bangkok.
"The approach is aimed at creating better public understanding about nanotechnology, promoting its safety, and encouraging public participation in its development" said Prof. Sirirurg Songsivilai, Executive Director of NANOTEC. "We are working with the Nanotechnology Association of Thailand to issue the Nano Mark, a label informing customers whether products have nano material content. The nano mark will be introduced this year, starting with paint, textile and household products" said Prof. Sirirurg.
Nano safety labeling can be expected in five years when regulations on nano safety and ethics are fully enforced.