Smaller than small: Nanooze Labs opens second location in Disneyland

(Nanowerk News) Do you really understand the concept of "small?" For the next year, children and adults alike can learn all about the world of small at the Nanooze Lab at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif.
The Nanooze Lab is open now. Guests will have the opportunity to "touch a molecule" and zoom into the nanometer scale world of atoms and molecules. User-friendly microscopes enable guests to magnify everyday objects over 100 times, while kids can explore using magnifying glasses to look at butterfly wings and other objects from nature.
Sponsored by Cornell University and the National Science Foundation, the Nanooze Lab also includes a live show where guests can hear about the wonders of nanotechnology — and even get to make nanometer-scale material.
"What is the smallest thing you an think of? It might be a bug, a cell, an atom, a quark, but it isn't," said Carl Batt, professor of food science at Cornell University and founder of Nanooze. "Everything starts off with some common object, and we give guests a chance to explore and play, going down to the nanoscale."
The Nanooze exhibit is part of the overall Nanooze media enterprise that includes a web site, a print magazine and another exhibit at INNOVENTIONS at Epcot® at the Walt Disney World® Resort, Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
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Source: Cornell University