UK's NanoKTN offers support and advice on applying for a share in GBP 27M of Technology Strategy Board funds

(Nanowerk News) The NanoKTN is encouraging its members to apply for a share of £27 million made available by the Technology Strategy Board for grants for innovative research and development projects.
Several relevant funding calls of interest to professionals in the nanotechnology market have been scheduled over the next three months and the NanoKTN will be working with its members to offer support and advice.
Firstly, the Technology Strategy Board has allocated £3m to invest in highly innovative, business-led research projects in the field of nanotechnology-enabled healthcare, products specifically in the areas of diagnostics and targeted therapeutics. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has co-invested a further £6m for academia into the joint scheme. The Technology Strategy Board is now looking for projects where nanotechnology is at the heart of the innovation. The deadline for registrations is 6th December 2011.
A further £15m has been invested by the Technology Strategy Board into its Technology Inspired Collaborative Research and Development programme. This also stimulates innovation across key enabling technology areas: advanced materials; biosciences; electronics, photonics & electrical systems, information & communications technology, and nanoscale technologies. The competition is co-funded by Scottish Enterprise who has made up to £2.75M of additional funding available. Projects will focus where recent technological discoveries or breakthroughs have inspired people to innovate in a context of significant technology risk or have led to ideas that are yet to find applications in a recognised market or business sector. Deadline for registrations is 30th November 2011.
Finally, the Technology Strategy Board is also raising awareness of the next assessment date for its 'Grant for Research and Development' scheme which is fast approaching, with applications to be received by 5th January 2012. The Technology Strategy Board is encouraging pre start-ups, start-ups and SMEs from all sectors to apply for one of three types of grants: proof of market grant, proof of concept grant and development of prototype grant.
There is a clear consensus in society that innovative high technology SMEs will be the key to future job and wealth creation across Europe. The Technology Strategy Board aims to support economic growth in the UK by working with these SMEs to ensure the UK is able to shape future developments and meet the demands of society and economy. The UK has a wealth of academic knowledge and industrial expertise and the NanoKTN is confident that the latest funding calls will help to bring together leading professionals in the nanotechnology market to collaborate on projects that will provide impact on a global scale.
The NanoKTN is dedicated to helping its members understand how to write a successful proposal and identify suitable partnerships for collaborative work. Through a combination of updates, e-bulletins, events and the website, the NanoKTN aims to assist its members and create connections between research, academics and manufacturers.
"Nanotechnology is recognised as an important means of wealth and job creation for the UK and the calls launched by the Technology Strategy Board cover many important nanotechnology markets. Choosing the right call is important for UK businesses to expand their ambitions without wasting unnecessary effort and expense," says Dr Alec Reader, Director at the NanoKTN.
Reader continues, "Support for preparing calls is crucial and at the NanoKTN we are committed to assisting our members in making the best possible decisions to ensure we continue to see investment into the UK nanotechnology market. We encourage anyone looking to develop its products and processes to apply for the monies now available."
Source: NanoKTN