NanoWebTalks - A free nanotechnology webinar series on relevant topics

(Nanowerk News) Nanostart, a leading venture capital investment firm in nanotechnology, is introducing NanoWebTalks, a new, free webinar series.
Qualified experts from the Nanostart network will hold Web-based presentations demonstrating the many facets of nanotechnology. With the NanoWebTalks, Nanostart AG promotes a nuanced, ideology-free approach and impartial, objective discussion.
The first event, on January 25, will feature Prof. Wolfgang M. Heckl, General Director Deutsches Museum, Munich: "Nanotechnology between hype and hope" (please note that his talk will be in German):
In everyday life, we encounter nanotechnology in relatively "ordinary" items such as dirt-resistant clothing, scratch-resistant car finish or in the semiconductor industry when it comes to miniaturization of storage technologies.
Science-fiction fans have probably been familiar with the term for many years, for instance from the movie "Innerspace" by Steven Spielberg or the novel "Prey" by Michael Crichton, in which swarms of miniscule mechanical creatures go out of control. Such visions seem far removed from the reality of current research. However, researchers have always been and still are inspired by ideas that lie somewhere between science fiction and firm forecasts for the future.
Today, there is already an enormous variety of nanotechnological applications. In many areas, nanotechnology has already shown its huge potential to solve pressing societal challenges. Many innovative products and processes are still to be discovered.
What is the current state of scientific research? Which products are already ready for market? And what is still up in the air?
Source: Nanostart
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