Lab-on-a-chip teaching kit - a nanolab in the classroom

(Nanowerk News) The fourth conference in the Twente Mastership series will be held at the University of Twente on Thursday 26 January. This conference is intended to build bridges between secondary and higher education. The theme of the conference is "from research to teaching concept". To mark the occasion, Prof. Albert van den Berg will present the first "Lab-on-a-Chip" teaching kits to Prof. Ed Brinksma, Rector Magnificus of the University of Twente, and to the first school scheduled to test the kit.
Lab-on-a-Chip teaching kit
The Lab-on-a-Chip teaching kit.
Lab-on-a-Chip technology is an important field of study in nanotechnology. Thousands of researchers throughout the world are attempting to miniaturize complex laboratory tests to such an extent that they will fit onto glass slides measuring just a few square centimetres. Professor Van den Berg, the winner of the 2009 Spinoza Prize, has stated that this technology should be given a place in education, so that schoolchildren can carry out their own experiments on chips. Development work has now reached the stage at which the first schools can start testing the teaching module.
This teaching module and practical class set were developed by a TDT (Teacher Development Team) led by Dr J.J. Wietsma, a secondary school teacher at the Greijdanus College who also lectures at the University of Twente. Within the context of the TDT, secondary school teachers encounter experts from universities, universities of applied sciences, and industry. The conference will include over thirty workshops at which participants can learn to use this teaching resource in the Twente Academy Schools Lab. The workshops provide both the in-depth knowledge required for subject renewal in schools and a wider focus for general themes such as entrepreneurship, use of voice, educational games, connected learning, and the online learning environment.
The day's three keynote speakers will provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. For instance, Prof. Suzanne Hulscher asks "How high do the dykes really need to be?" Alternatively, there is Dr Nellie Verhoef's presentation on the Lesson Study, a Japanese approach aimed at improving education. What might this mean for Dutch education? Finally, Prof. Hedwig te Molder will explore the social aspects of science and technology in the classroom.
The Twente Mastership Conference is being staged at the University of Twente by ELAN, the Institute for Teacher Education, Science Communication & School Practices, and the faculties of the University of Twente.
Source: University of Twente