UAlbany NanoCollege hosts Albany High School students for "NanoHigh" program

(Nanowerk News) Students from Albany High School slipped on goggles and gloves to participate in hands-on classes today in the nanobioscience labs at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE), part of the successful "NanoHigh" program developed by the City School District of Albany (CSDA) and CNSE.
CNSE Assistant Professor of Nanobioscience Nathaniel Cady led 15 students through two different lab activities, where they learned about microfluidics and microcontact printing.
During the microfluidics lab, students learned about microfluidic systems and had a chance to construct and test a microfluidic device designed to allow two different colored substances to flow through without coming into contact with one another.
In the microcontact printing lab, students learned about nanoscale surface patterning and fabrication, and made a pattern with fluorescent molecules that was then transferred onto glass slides to be observed under a microscope.
The NanoHigh program, which is believed to be the first of its kind at a public school anywhere in the country, was created by CSDA and CNSE to help students take advantage of new nanotechnology-related careers in the Capital Region and across New York State.
Source: CNSE
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