Free webinar: Introduction to Nanomedicine

(Nanowerk News) Radiological Technologies University would like to present Dr. Renat Letfullin as he hosts his "Introduction to Nanomedicine" webinar. The webinar will be hosted at 8 different dates/times.
The goal for this webinar is to build awareness about the revolutionary possibilities that nanotechnology holds for the field of medicine. He will describe the field, discuss possible applications for nanotechnology in medicine, and career opportunities. Dr. Letfullin comes to us on sabbatical from Russia. He brings with him an arsenal of research, knowledge, and desire to find a cure for cancer through the use and implementation of nanomedicine. Dr. Letfullin has published multiple publications and books, the most recent being a chapter in the Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology and Plasmonic Nanomaterials for Nanomedicine Computational Studies of New Materials II.
The potential of nanotechnology is revolutionary. "Nanotechnology job projections are estimated to be nearly two million workers worldwide by 2015"-National Nanotechnology Initiative. RTU has the nation's first MS in Nanomedicine and MS with a dual focus in Nanomedicine and Medical Physics. RTU hopes to build the bridge to narrow the gap between nanotechnology and medicine. For more information, visit
Source: Radiological Technologies University