Women in Europe for a Common Future release nanotechnology position paper

(Nanowerk News) Women in Europe for a Common Future, an international network of over 100 women's, environmental and health organisations implementing projects in 40 countries and advocating globally for a healthy environment, has released a position paper on nanoparticles and nanotechnology: Nano - The great unknown (pdf).
WECF position paper
WECF position paper
Here is WECF's position in a nutshell:

WECF recognizes that nanotechnologies could bring long-term profits and overall societal benefits. However, in order to make an overall judgment, data is needed regarding the hazards, exposure, risks and ethical consequences for humans, the environment and our society as a whole.

WECF is very concerned about human exposure to nanomaterials without assessment, and the lack of regulation regarding the risks involved. WECF believes that the precautionary principle must be applied in order to safeguard health, particularly that of children.

Lessons learned from the past and the potentially devastating effects of using innovative materials without proper risk assessments – such as asbestos – should be remembered. To avoid health and environmental damage, consumers and the general public must be informed and involved in decision-making regarding nanotechnology and nanomaterials.

And finally, companies must be engaged in assuring the long-term safety of their products.

Source: Women in Europe for a Common Future
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