European Commission explains the European guidelines on nanosecurity beginning 2013

(Nanowerk News) The expert on nanosecurity affairs for the European Commission, Giorgios Katalagarianakis, explained the guidelines which would guide the European projects on nanosecurity from 2013 during the symposium, "Questions of security and regulatory challenges of nanomaterials", Questions of security and regulatory challenges of nanomaterials", organized by CIC BiomaGUNE, the company from Vizcaya, Ekotek, and the Leitat technological centre among others, in San Sebasti√°n the past 3 and 4 of May.
Katalagarianakis assured that the nanosecurity projects financed by the Horizon 2020 project, which will substitute the VII Framework Programme next year, will focus on guaranteeing security for consumers, workers and the environment.
The expert, who mentioned the agro-food sector and cosmetics among the important industries within this strategy, he also insisted on the need for the European Union to work in collaboration with other regions which are advanced in nanotechnologies like the US, Australia and Canada.
Katalagarianakis referred to the boost made by the Basque country in nanotechnologies and especially nanosecurity during the last few years and diagnosed "a general willingness to cooperate" from European regions to advance jointly in the research.
In Katalagarianakis' judgement, which he shared in the Symposium by means of a presentation, entitled, "What nano Security, Environmental and Health strategy for Europe?" the main objective of the European Commission is to meticulously research the risks of nanotechnologies to guarantee security.
Source: nanoBasque
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