Edmonton Economic Development Corporation: Nanotechnology Institute Key to Regional Alliance

(Nanowerk News) On the western edge of the University of Alberta's main campus lies the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT), one of the world's most advanced research facilities and Canada's quietest laboratory space.
One of the members of the Greater Edmonton Regional Technology Alliance, NINT's specialty is the world of individual atoms or molecules. The institute's research is about how to integrate nano-scale devices and materials (e.g. nano-coatings) into complex nanosystems connected to the outside world (e.g. heat or wear-resistant pipes or lab-on-chip devices similar to a blood glucose test for diabetics). For comparison, a strand of human hair measures up to 100,000 nanometres wide.
By enabling the nanotech community's collaboration and access to its facility and expertise, NINT helps Edmonton nanotechnology firms with commercialization and licensing.
Other Regional Alliance members include Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC), TEC Edmonton, novaNAIT, Northern Alberta Business Incubator, Business Link, TR Labs, the National Research Council's Industrial Research and Assistance Program, and Startup Edmonton.
"NINT is helping us all to better understand the emerging science of nanotechnology. As the only centre of its kind in Canada, it puts us in a leadership position. Being located at the University of Alberta creates great synergies," says Mike Wo, EEDC executive director of economic growth and development.
Mirroring the Regional Alliance, 12 private-sector companies have started a Greater Edmonton Nanotechnology Alliance to speak with a common voice for the emerging industry.
The Edmonton Research Park (ERP) houses dozens of research companies and is managed by Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC). The ERP is also a stakeholder in TEC Edmonton, a joint venture with the University of Alberta. For more information, visit www.edmonton.com Learn more about Edmonton through the stories of people who've experienced it at www.edmontonstories.ca
Source: Edmonton Economic Development Corporation
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