Posted: Feb 15, 2006

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences starts nanotechnology project

(Nanowerk News) The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences has started "A Swedish Innovation System in Nanotechnology in Europe", a 12 to 18 months project intended to gather Swedish expertise and players interested in developing Swedish nanotechnology.
The project’s main purpose is to produce informational materials, formulate a long-term strategy and to prepare a plan for an innovation system within the nano field. Another dimension of the project is an international/European perspective that could lead to a proposal for the EU’s framework programme for research and technical development (FP6 and FP7), added IVA. The project’s main tasks are categorised into four sub-projects.
"The Swedish nano knowledge base" will document recent and ongoing research in Sweden in nanoscience and nanotechnology. "Nano Demand and Market" is assigned to analyse and describe the market that already exists and to make a qualified assessment of the shift in future nano markets and its significance for development in Sweden.
"Push and Pull in Innovation Systems" will address ways to work with innovation systems to promote development. "Nano ethics" will work on nanotechnology’s risks and opportunities.
Source: Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences